June 3, 2016

Versity Software to extend migration to the cloud

Versity Software (www.versity.com), was at a presenter at the recent 32nd International Conference on Massive Storage Systems and Technology aka MSST 2016 in Santa Clara.
Harriet Coverston, CTO and co-founder of the company, well known by her contribution at LSC and related products such SAM-FS and QFS acquired by Sun Microsystems 15 years ago in 2001 for $71M, delivered an interesting presentation. The mission of the company is very simple and can summarized in a few words: "The only independent pure play HSM software company".
The company develops Versity Storage Manager aka VSM dedicated to high performance archiving and migration as the DNA of the company is really linked to the HPC world. The team has developed a famous data migration product and now surfs on the open source flavor of it for Linux. As of today, Versity has 225PB under control. This is also the effect of a major oem deal they signed in November 2013 with Cray for the product renamed Tiered Adaptive Storage or TAS. Back to VSM, the product uses the open format GNU TAR, that garanties to be accessible for decades. Versity offers the capability to read data for free for ever, the sales model is subscription based and there is no minimum contract. But the key announcement was the new capability for VSM to migrate Posix data to local or remote object storage via Amazon S3 standard and acts as a migration gateway perfectly aligned with the new trend of Cloud Integrated Storage. The first results of the few deployments give a 10x better performance versus NFS. We'll see soon as the Versity will participate to the 19th IT Press Tour in 3 weeks now.


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