July 5, 2016

Kaminario will accelerate very soon

Kaminario (www.kaminario.com), ambassador of the full Flash Data Center, organized a super session at Sequoia Capital during the last IT Press Tour, and unveiled several interesting initiatives and products features. Dani Golan, founder and CEO, and Shachar Fienblit, CTO, have managed a very good session.
Kaminario, known as a leader of the All Flash Array segment, is also synonymous of high performance with historically one of the fastest array available on the market, perfect for high demanding environment such trading floor, "real-time" database, online ticketing system for airlines...
Founded in 2010, the company combines several key attributes to accelerate market success. Among them, the exec team has a strong dna and the technology built, supported by dozens of patents, is well recognized and respected by the competition. And last point, important to notice, the VCs who backed the company are super strong ones, globally Kaminario has raised $153M. The current track record is impressive with several key metrics and ratio in green light such revenue growth, partners numbers, customers satisfaction and employee. We understand that the company is in an important investment phase thanks to a new marketing positioning and effort to be consider not only for high demanding environments but also for general storage needs with large flash market adoption. Kaminario clearly wants a piece of that growing cake. The sales model also is simplified with a 100% channel focus easy to decrypt and to avoid any conflict in the sales cycle. As of today the company has 200 partners with a clear guarantee of the best margin of the market.
The mission of Kaminario is still the same but a bit different, instead of doing the fastest storage array, the company goal os to deliver the best storage array, again aligned with the wish to be consider more global for almost use cases. To facilitate Kaminario consideration for more large use cases, the company positions itself now with 2 key dimensions: Predictability and Agility in various ares such cost, management, performance, scalability and innovation. The design choice made with K2 as a Software-Defined Architecture helps to integrate new components pretty fast such new processing engine, new devices or new interfaces. Kaminario also does not recommend a specific topology and for some use cases scale-up if the right choice and for other the scale-out is a better one. K2 can be configured in these 2 modes and of course a mixed of the 2 to scale in both dimensions.
Dani Golan, Founder and CEO, explaining some key K2 advantages
We feel a new wave at Kaminario with a desire to accelerate in the next few months. I will cover that future directions with a report on Shachar Fienblit's section of the presentation in a few days, especially on 3D NAND and NVMe.


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