July 12, 2016

New release for StorPool

StorPool (www.storpool.com), a block SDS gem I discovered a few years ago and who has participated to the IT Press Tour in June 2014, just announced its last product release. Release after release, StorPool makes progress optimizing CPU consumption, increasing IOPS here by 30% and now able to support capacity beyond 1PB. The key thing about such product is how a user can integrate and use it. StorPool understands for a long time that the ecosystem is one of the key of the adoption and with that release, CloudStack is added alongside OpenStack, OnApp, LVM (hopefully) and LXC and Docker. Also among various new features, the SDS engine is now capable to manage 20,000 volumes and snapshots per cluster, a single volume can reach 30TB and larger ones can be created with LVM and performance got boosted. I just need to comment that there is no mention of throughput (GB/s) and no release number is associated with this new flavor of the product.

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