July 21, 2016

Some futures directions for Kaminario

Kaminario (www.kaminario.com), leader in All Flash Array, is thinking about new technologies evolution for its K2 product line.
Among them, Shachar Fienbit, CTO of he company, has made some clear statements about these:
  • 3D NAND will remain the leading storage media and will be the commodity that replaces HDDs in the datacenter,
  • NVM is too expensive to replace NAND and should be used wisely - not going to replace NAND for 5+ years,
  • NVMe has limited benefit for AFA since these systems already aggregate performance from several SSDs - controller is the bottleneck so decreasing latency from disk to controller is not that interesting,
  • NVMe Fabric should have a slow market adoption for external storage connectivity,
  • NVMe Networks Shelves is interesting for decoupling compute from capacity.

It will be interesting to see how Kaminario will react to E8 Storage announcement and other NVMe players such Mangstor, Apeiron, DSSD and even Excelero.

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