July 11, 2016

Versity develops a new Scale-Out File System

Versity Software (www.versity.com), innovator in data archiving software, announced during the last IT Press Tour a new project and initiative with the design of a Scale-Out File System. With a strong DNA in file system with 2 successful products - QFS and SAM-FS during the LSC time - Harriet Coverston, CTO and co-founder of Versity, has designed a new solution to address new storage challenges. The 2 challenges met are related to the scaling of Posix file systems and the scaling of archiving applications and the solution imagined by Harriet seems to be a new open source file system. The solution developed for 8 months will be beta in 4 months and GA before the end of 2016 with a new name and real launch. A good idea for the December IT Press Tour for sure.


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