August 19, 2016

Castle, a new scalable storage from Quantum

Quantum ( | NYSE:QTM), a leader in secondary storage, is working on a new storage project named Castle exactly The Castle with a dedicated web site The project is open source and managed by Bassam Tabbara, CTO of Quantum, who was the CTO and co-founder of Symform, a cloud-based P2P storage service acquired by Quantum in August 2014. The team is located in Seattle in the Smith Tower and operates as an independent entity. The project is motivated by the reality that all the enterprise data can't be stored in the cloud, this is clearly unrealistic. Also with fast growing data volume and huge volume, tracking information is critical both in term of location, usage, access... The product should be very simple to deploy, use and maintain whatever is the size of data volume, cluster, and data location. Hybrid seems to be the future model with data moving back and forth between cloud providers data centers such AWS or GCE and enterprise sites. The Castle project is about SDS and Enterprise Storage, based on open source and when we check job openings we see that Ceph is at the heart of the project but also container technologies such CoreOS (rkt), Docker, Kubernetes or Golang. It will be interesting to know more about The Castle in the near future. And finally if you remember, I mentioned The Castle project in the Register article I wrote last July about Distributed, Object Storage and CAS. This segment is pretty dynamic...

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