August 11, 2016

E8 unveils its innovative storage array

E8 Storage (, new player in NVMe storage, just announced its product at Flash Memory Summit.
After a fantastic session in June with the IT Press Tour when Zivan Ori, CEO and founder, gave us a lot of details about the product as a preview, the company now makes the product a reality. The product named D24 is summarized in the table below:

ModelsCapacityConnectivityLatency (µs)IOPS (4kB)Throughput (GB/s)
2U-D2470TB4-8 ports 40/50/100 GbE100404M2M168

The company plans to double the capacity in 2017. The device offers FRU 2.5 NMVe SSD with dual controller and dual ported drives to deliver super high availability levels. Data are protected by a RAID6 Dual Parity implementation that finally offers 88% of storage efficiency. Features such Dynamic LUN and Thin Provisioning and network QoS. Definitively one of the best hiffg performance array in his category for very high demanding applications.

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