August 22, 2016

InterModal Data is dead

InterModal Data is out of business and the web site doesn't respond of course. Founded in 2015 with a total funding of $4M from a Series A from Allegis Capital, Menlo Ventures and Azure Capital Partners raised in June 2015, the company goal was to deliver a new SDS approach; the story ended a few weeks ago. Surprisingly, the company is no longer listed on Allegis and Menlo web sites, only on Azure one.

David Kresse, former CEO of Coraid, and CEO of InterModal Data is now VP Products and Alliances at Nimble Storage as his LikedIn profile says. Keith Carpenter, VP Sales at Coraid then at InterModal Data as well, is an advisor at Nitrosphere. With the failure of Coraid, we have seen several ex Coraid employees joining the InterModal Data project. No announcement was made by Nimble about the arrival of David Kresse. I have tried to contact David Kresse and Keith Carpenter but didn't get any answer. This story reminds me MaxiScale.

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