August 29, 2016

NooBaa out of stealth with its Community Edition

NooBaa (, new player in scalable commodity storage, is now out of stealth. Some of you recall the article I wrote end of June that unveiled the company and the associated product. The company takes advantage of VMworld to announce it first solution a Community Edition.
NooBaa delivers what many others promise but fail to offer: a real independent storage software solution fully hardware agnostic without any resource dependencies. The solution is running on any vendor and media, fully heterogeneous and operating on public, private or hybrid cloud. The following image summarizes the NooBaa characteristics:

The product announced at VMworld is the Community Edition, free to deploy up to 20TB. This is perfect to test and adopt the solution try it and download here.
The product implements a asymmetric philosophy with access nodes, metadata node(s) and storage daemons. Access nodes aka clients manage deduplication, data chunking, compression and encryption. The storage daemon is responsible to store data chunks and monitors resources. There is no DHT, no master/slave just a pretty simple so fast and resilient asymmetric model, illustrating again if needed that this model is really scalable. The metadata node(s) or NooBaa Core optimizes data placement for resiliency and implements an advanced algorithm for data locality. NooBaa Core uses MongoDB but keep in mind there is no HA in the free distribution, only one single VM instance is shipped. The Enterprise Edition will offer a pay-per-use pricing model and provide a super resilient and available NooBaa Core engine. In term of data protection, NooBaa uses a replication model and erasure coding is on the roadmap. The company also unveils a new cloud synchronization function named CloudSync.

In 2016 as the first phase, NooBaa targets Archiving and Logging Infrastructure with potential partners such Splunk, LogRhythm, Elastic LogStash, Veritas, CommVault and Seven10. The next phase for 2017 will be around Media, BioTech and Surveillance.
It reminds me what I specified and designed as KerStor in 2009. NooBaa really demonstrates "the Power of Software and perfectly illustrates that Storage is Software". NooBaa can really grow at a very large scale on the planet. The company can be visited at booth #442 during VMworld this week. Congratulations to the team, great product so easy to deploy and use.


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