August 31, 2016

StorONE makes incremental market progress

StorONE (, an Israeli storage software company, exhibits at VMworld in Las Vegas this week. Even with a booth, there wasn't lots of info as the product is not GA but a key message around high IOPS performance with standard SSD drives: "500,000 IOPS with 6 SSDs" with just software running on Linux or Hypervisor on commodity servers.

The company was founded in 2011 by Gal Naor, founder of Storwize in 2004, then sold to IBM for approximately $140M in 2010. So far, StorONE has raised $20M from Jerusalem Global Ventures and Vaizra Investments and even Seagate has injected money in the seed round that should represents today 5%. The company has less then 50 employees today.

StorONE develops S1, a TRU Software-Defined Storage (TRU for Total Resource utilization) and you can find patents about Algostor. The company positions itself as a large scale storage software vendor able to deploy and run very large storage infrastructure based on commodity servers.

The storage entity built by S1 can then be exposed as a block device, iSCSI for instance, or used by industry standard file sharing protocols such NFS or SMB. The team also mentioned an unique erasure coding implementation. A following video exists on Internet, you get the idea even if nothing is really mentioned: software, SDS, performance, enterprise scale... More information in the future...


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