September 19, 2016

DDN unveils a new WOS offering

DDN Storage (, the leader in HPC storage, just announced a new iteration of the WOS platform, the 8460. This WOS version offers almost 7PB of capacity per rack (10 x 84 x 10TB HDDs x efficiency ratio) and is positioned between the WOS7000, the pure performance one, and the WOS9660, the capacity one. It will be available in Q4 2016.
It is a 5U system with 4U of storage and 1U for server and 2 x 40GbE ports. Like the 2 other models, memory size is 128GB, but the CPU is different with only one 6-core processor per object storage node. The company claimed to be the only object storage vendor to not use a local file system on storage nodes. This is just wrong as Caringo does the same since 2005 and soon Cleversafe moving from file system (2006 to 2012) to packed file (2012 to present) as they will remove completely the local file system layer to better work with SMR. Not a big deal but this statement in a press release doesn't give a good feeling. The object storage offering is now super rich for DDN with 3 appliances flavors - WOS7000, WOS8460 and WOS9660 - and a pure software distribution. DDN is super serious about object storage and has proven strong adoption by the market. We'll learn more again in December as DDN will participate to the IT Press Tour for the 21st edition.

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