October 14, 2016

IBM COS, confirmation of Cleversafe leadership

IBM (www.ibm.com | NYSE:IBM), the IT worldwide leader for decades, just announced a new flavor of its 2015 Cleversafe acquisition. Recognized multi years in a row as the best object storage product on the planet - no doubt, it is the real proven best existing object storage - IBM transforms dsNet product and offers it now as a service deployed in all its data centers named Cloud Object Storage or COS.
The offering is available in 2 modes: Cross Region Service with data sent to a minimum of 3 geo dispersed regions and Regional Service where data stay within one regional perimeter.
With this announcement IBM promotes several interesting things:
  1. Hybrid Cloud is a reality like for many hardware vendors who wish and try to limit the erosion towards the cloud. IBM reaffirms this strategy with COS available in IBM WW datacenters.
  2. Security is a must of course and IBM leverages SecureSlice introduced by Cleversafe. The Chicago based company has introduced erasure coding (EC) in 2005 and all data are stored scrambled (non-systematic erasure coding mode). Even if this model could be considered as an encryption effect, it is not. They added an encryption layer on top on EC to finally deliver Data -> Encrypt -> Erasure Coded -> Dispersed -> Storage.
  3. Tiering is also a key capability especially when you have large inatice data on-premise and decided to consider hybrid cloud model. This option of Spectrum Scale 4.2.1 named Transparent Cloud Tiering allows data migration to COS, AWS and OpenStack Swift targets.
  4. Portfolio effect is of course an obvious advantage with a very rich line of products with Spectrum Protect, Scale or Analytics.
And lastly, Bitly, the reference that illustrates the launch is pretty significant with 500TB under COS with 1 Billion datasets migrated, supporting 10 Billion clicks per months at a rate of 400 Million new links created every months. Super news, demonstrating if needed that IBM COS continues to lead the pack and accelerates its domination. Again, Cleversafe has made the right decision to accept this move under the IBM umbrella...

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