October 3, 2016

Kaminario adds Analytics to K2

Kaminario (www.kaminario.com), the leader in All-Flash Array and promoter of All-Flash Data Center, continues to enrich its K2 storage platform. The company just announced a cloud-based storage analytics platform named Clarity to simplify K2 management and monitor usages and consumption.
One of the key features delivered with Clarity will be a QoS capability to set new levels of services for applications and in the future this will be aligned with some key demanding applications such SQL Server and Oracle with dedicated agents. Free for all K2 customers, Clarity digests all statistics collected from network, servers, controllers, applications... and provides analytics, trends and insights to improve operations and SLA with users' entities.
It seems to be now a must for storage platform to deliver such analytics service, the ones who don't offer this are clearly behind others... The Clarity service will be available Q1 2017 and we'll take advantage of our next trip to Israel for The IT Press Tour to see a demo and discover many more new things Kaminario has in its basket... Great expectations.

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