November 28, 2016

A view of the future for Reduxio

Reduxio Systems (, one of the few storage innovators on the market, continues to preach a new approach to storage. In fact, during our recent with the IT Press Tour crew in Israel, Reduxio took some times to unveil some future directions and guess what, this is again a super smart approach.
First it's about data mobility, very tough to offer with today's solution, very rigid and static and linked to local users. Second it's related to data storage silos not very well aligned with applications requirements. To deliver that, Metadata is a fundamental piece and Reduxio leverages its design to offer instant volume mobility with virtual seamless geo access thanks to intelligent data propagation methods. In a nutshell, you can imagine a vision around Geo Grid of Storage to deliver a very ambitious promise: Storage Ubiquity. Reduxio will present this model with edge storage or array endpoint glued together with TimeOS. Wait a bit and this proposal will be real pretty rapidly, believe me. So to conclude, when you think about Reduxio, keep in mind 2 dimensions and keep them when you have to compare with competition: Time Navigation and Location Independence. Ask other vendors, it will help you to segregate obsolete and new storage approaches.


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