November 30, 2016

Iguazio and Equinix join forces to deliver a new Data-Centric Processing platform

Iguazio (, new enterprise data processing innovator met recently during the IT Press Tour in Israel, continues its market penetration with a ecosystem announcement during the AWS Re: invent conference in Las Vegas.
The company partners with Equinix to build the Equinix Data Hub. This new approach gives super flexibility to users that can decide to run intensive data processing applications in various places: on-premises, on Equinix or on public cloud such AWS and still maintain high security and governance levels and data ownership. This deployment flavor illustrates the as-a-Service model, a Data-Centric design - the only important one finally - with a full independence of the platform with any cloud or hardware. It promotes a hybrid philosophy key for end-users to maintain and keep full data control.
On a side note, I'm surprised to not see any reference to iguazio on the Equinix page that describes this new offering. And it's even amazing that an iguazio search on Equinix website, doesn't give any result either. In other words, without iguazio, Equinix can't do it. Let's the ball rolling...


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