December 1, 2016

A bit of future with Kaminario CTO

Kaminario (, one of the few leaders in all flash storage, gave us a view of the future of storage seen by its CTO Shachar Fienblit.
He sat with the IT Press Tour group to discuss some future directions and especially around 4 key trends that influence the storage industry and are as well actively discussed: IaaS, SDS, HCI and SSA. For each topic, Shachar insisted on the limitations and potential drawbacks of the approach when you need to scale storage:
  • IaaS: economy at scale,
  • SDS: good for hyperscale but doesn't fully leverage advances in hardware,
  • HCI: good for small applications environments and doesn't scale,
  • SSA: traditional array architecture are too rigid and can't really scale efficiently.

And for each of these 5 items, he articulated details behind to sustain future developments:
  1. Rackscale Economics with new erasure coding, data reduction, new level of density and improved endurance (Interesting, Shachar spoke recently during SNIA Dev. Conference with MemoScale, the Norwegian Erasure Coding ISV who will participate next week in California to the 21st edition of The IT Press Tour).
  2. Disaggragated Resources with new low latency interconnect and clear segregation of compute and storage entities to offer flexible and better scalability.
  3. Dynamically Composable with dynamics QoS, virtualization and fine-grained resource pooling.
  4. Simplified stack with application-aware data services, APIs and simple management.
  5. and App-Aware Analytics based on Clarity, a machine learning cloud-based intelligence that improve resources utilization.
Watch Kaminario in the future, even near future, next generation of K2 will be a key milestone for the industry, believe me...

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