December 23, 2016

DDN WOS for a natural storage extension

DDN (, the leader in high performance storage, continues its software portfolio journey. WOS, introduced as a software flavor in Q1 2014 under the name 360, represents today 10% of the WOS installed base and maintains leading positioning especially round design, ILM and data protection.
WOS is a key component in the multi-tier model promoted by DDN and the company is one of the few vendor that can sell a real end-to-end solution coming from high speed tier 0 storage to high capacity cloud | object-based storage. DDN is also one of the strong believer of a bare-metal approach meaning that every node participating to the object storage farm uses raw partition. What they call NoFS has a significant advantages over classic file system approach even if some competitors implements different buckets - large file - of the file system to reduce the inode number and fragmentation.

The second very good development done during last 3 years by WOS dev. team was the Global ObjectAssure data protection mechanism. It allows flexible protection model from classic replication - x2, x3... - of course also to distributed erasure coding with Global ObjectAssure - from 1.5 to 1.88 hardware overhead - that combines Local ObjectAssure - 8+2 within a WOS appliance which provides x1.25 hardware overhead.

And last very interesting idea is about ILM and the natural Tiering, Archive and Migration capabilities associated to WOS. Imagine an automated or scheduled policy that offload any large and/or old file to a secondary storage and make them transparently accessible on the primary tier. This is exactly what is possible between GRIDscaler and WOS with the WOS Bridge appliance and service that makes files accessible via NFS. Great idea, the user experience is amplified and no change is required on that application.

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