February 21, 2017

Acaveo is dead

Acaveo (www.acaveo.com), player in File Analysis founded in 2012, has disappeared recently silently. I got confirmation of that from Geoff Bourgeois, former CTO, and Greg Campbell, former Chief Architect, now co-founders of HubStor, still in Ottawa. The web site is unreachable and is owned now by Avaleris, a company founded by the same CEO Ron Mc Donell.
It confirms that File Analysis is not a sustainable market and in fact it's not a market at all as this function is just a feature of more comprehensive solutions such HSM, Tiering, ILM, DLP, eDiscovery or Compliance. It's also illustrated by some facts in the industry, IBM swallowed StoredIQ in 2013 and DataGravity has strong problems, lack of sales in fact. It also reminds me the SRM (Storage Resource Management) segment, many years ago, when HighGround got acquired by Sun, Astrum by EMC, CreekPath by Opsware or W.Quinn by Precise and later by Veritas to name just a few...

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