February 23, 2017

FlashGrid ready for Cloud IaaS

FlashGrid (www.flashgrid.io), active player in NVMe storage for databases, just announced impressive results for high performance database running in the cloud. The company's goal was to demonstrate the potential high level of performance even for public cloud instances, I mean aligned with bare-metal ones. We have met FlashGrid with the IT Press Tour in December 2015 for the 17th edition and they continue to innovate and lead a new wave of storage for high demanding applications.
Oracle Bare Metal Services were used to run the test with Oracle RAC with 3 hyper-converged nodes. DenseIO.36 is considered for each node with 9 x 3.2TB NVMe SSDs running Oracle Linux 7 with Oracle Grid Infrastructure and Database 12.1. FlashGrid sets the Read-Local Technology feature with the Cloud Area Network extension for the cluster interconnect.
Test tools used were Calibrate_IO and SLOB to measure storage subsystem performance and results are impressive:
  • 6.4 M IOPS and 55 GB/s with less than 1ms latency obtained with Calibrate_IO,
  • 537,000 IOPS for physical reads and 120,000 writes and 657,000 combined.
The full details of the benchmark is presented here.

The solution has been validated also on AWS, read the article here and Amazon recommends explicitly the usage of FlashGrid for RAC deployment. A white paper is avalaible on this page that describe all advantages and details of such configuration.
Next phase will be to offer the service of each IaaS provider and promote the solution as it clearly demonstrates the advantage of Cloud based high performance database configured with shared NVMe drives and FlashGrid software stack. Congratulations to Alex Miroshnichenko and his team.

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