February 2, 2017

Minio is GA

Minio (www.minio.io) just announced the general availability of its distributed object storage product. Met for the second time last December during The IT Press Tour, we were pleased to see all the developments made since our previous visit one year before.
What is really impressive is the fast adoption by various communities such Docker, Kubernetes and Mesos.
This release is mature, production ready, and offers the features needed for large scale unstructured data farm. Minio confirms its position of leader in open source object storage, no other product except Ceph can compete with them and for sure not the few toys or gadgets we see in some places. This is just a fact supported by huge numbers: contributors and downloads. For ore details, please read my previous post "Minio Tsunami is coming". Believe 2017 will be interesting in object storage, position swill change again, last time was Dell with EMC and just before IBM with Cleversafe... just be patient...

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