February 24, 2017

New player in blockchain-based storage

Blockade Technologies (www.blockade.cloud) is a new entrant in the cloud storage landscape especially in the small group of blockchain-based storage players. I discovered and met this company during the recent StartupGrind conference and talked to them to understand their model and solution.
The company, based in Boca Raton, Florida, with an office in Charlotte, NC, is super young founded in 2016 by Ryan Shaw, CEO, and Kyle Suhan, CTO. Blockade has launched its service in November 2016 and aims to offer a super secure cloud storage based on blockchain technology and AES-256 encryption. The service is sold via 3 subscriptions models:
  • Professional up to 5 users, 1TB per user at $9.95/mo./user
  • Business from 6 to 100 users, unlimited capacity at $12.95$/mo./user and
  • Enterprise for more than 300+ users, still unlimited capacity at $24.95/mo./user.
Hum, there is a gap in the offering between 100 and 300 users, what happen ? you can't use the product ?... All end to end communications are fully secured thanks to the encryption method used with a different generated key defined for every transaction. The database that store all informations is also fully encrypted.
This decentralized storage philosophy reminds me AetherStore, Storj, Infinit (now Docker), AeroFS, Wuala, other P2P approaches and also my own project KerStor to name a few when you can trade storage. Well, it confirms that this segment has real potential and represents one among a few others interesting storage initiatives for the coming year.

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