February 10, 2017

PB scale with Kaminario Gen6

Kaminario (www.kaminario.com), leader in All Flash Array, just announced the 6th generation of the K2 product line. The product receives the new Intel Broadwell CPUs to execute the Kaminario OS VisionOS that translates now in 2 gains 5 times the capacity and 2 times the performance vs. the previous generation.
The company has started also to promote more clearly the features offered by its OS such:
  • DataShrink with DeDuplication, Compression and Thin Provisioning. A new data reduction algorithm provides a guaranteed 4:1 ratio.
  • DataProtect with array-based snapshot and replication, data-at-rest encryption with AES256 and K-RAID supporting up to 3 SSD failures,
  • DataManage with CLI, HTTP, SSH, RESTful API...,
  • DataConnect with Microsoft VSS, VMware vCenter Plug-in, VMware SRM, VMware LogInsight, Flocker (containers), OpenStack Cinder, Cisco UCS driver.
The system is ready for the near future with 32Gb FC Gen6 swap from 16Gbit, Storage Class Memory or NVDIMM.
To summarize the capabilities of the product, the table below gives you an interesting illustration especially of a perfect linearity.

Configuration Effective capacity Performance (IOPS | Throughput | Latency)
1 K-Block 30TB to 1PB 370K 6.2GB/s 0.35ms
2 K-Block 60TB to 1PB 740K 12.4GB/s 0.35ms
3 K-Block 90TB to 1PB 1.1M 18.6GB/s 0.35ms
4 K-Block 120TB to 1PB 1.5M 25GB/s 0.35ms

2017 will be interesting for Kaminario with this new product line and the recent new $75M round. Kaminario should arrive in the Storage Unicorn club this year. We hope to meet them again during the Israeli IT Press Tour edition, last visit was fantastic.

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