March 7, 2017, a leader in PaaS (, leader in new generation of PaaS, was one of the good surprises of the IT Press Tour. The company has 48 employees today in total both in Europe and US with an agressive recruitment plan to reach 70 by the end fo the year. In term of funding, has raised so far $11M. The company has 2,000+ clients in 114 countries.

As a PaaS player, is of course very different from hosting and IaaS by definition as finally the developper needs only to focus on the application development and deployment side. In fact, the devops term becomes obsolete as with there is noops just dev, the company names this approach the Second Generation of PaaS.
The top characteristics offered can be summarized with these 3 points:
  1. Git-driven infrastructure: super integration with Git that allows a single git push to deploy anew environment to a new cloud target,
  2. Automated HA of everything: at every level, things are made redundant enough to provide a high level of availability,
  3. Multi-Cloud, App and Stack: very flexible and open with PHP, Node.js, Ruby, Python, Java support and MySQL, Postgresql, Elastic, Solr, Redis, RabbitMQ to name a few. leverages a very efficient stack to securely clone a dev. environment at every level with strong redundancy. The solution provides also snapshot and backup services to protect globally the environment.
In term of offering, the company sells 2 commercial flavors: Public PaaS and White label PaaS. Public PaaS is a self-service approach starting at $10/month and for enterprise it starts at $15k/year. is also available on AWS - U, Europe and APAC - and on Microsoft Azure in Germany and Orange in France. The White label flavor is a full offering that can be integrated to any Cloud like the one from Magento or SensioCloud for Symfony. Pretty interesting offering that shakes the market with a radical new approach. Congratulations to the team.

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