April 13, 2017

New array generation for E8 Storage

E8 Storage (www.e8storage.com), pioneer in NVMe storage array, continues to innovate with a new iteration of the E8-D24. As described in August 2016 when they launched the product, it is a 2U box with 24 SSD NVME dual ported with 2 controllers.

WD HGST Ultrastar SN200
Now the solution embeds the new WD HGST Ultrastar SN200 Series PCIe SSD and the team has selected the 6.4TB capacity model to offer a 153TB array. This new generation offers now a giant gain in performance, double the capacity as expected last year and reduce the TCO by 50% according the vendor. We'll learn more details on the company progress and product development and plan next June when we'll meet Zivan Ori, the CEO and founder, during the 23rd edition of The IT Press Tour. Great meeting in perspective.

E8 Storage D24 - 153TB in 2U

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