May 2, 2017

New player (, storage startup in stealth mode, recently enabled its web site. Nothing is written and available on the web site except that "The Network is Storage" and I associate this few words with NVMe, so hot on the market.

The company founded in 2016 is based in Los Gatos and the domain name is owned by Nikolai Gallo, from Atherton, CA, who was a founder of Rackable Systems in 1999. He also founded recently Optical Archive Inc. acquired by Sony mid 2015 that promoted the idea of Blu-ray discs as alternative of hard drives for large scale data storage environment. We have founded 12 contacts on LinkedIn with various profiles. Among them, Patrick Wilkison from Exponential Partners, who helped data storage and compute infrastructure at Google, Facebook, Amazon and who also spent some time at Western Digital. We hope to learn soon more info about RStor company and product.

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