June 29, 2017

Primary Data accelerates with DataSphere 2.0

Primary Data (www.primarydata.com), leader in unstructured file storage, has invited the IT Press Tour group a few days ago for a superb session at their HQ in Los Altos. We had the privilege to meet Steve Wozniak who has shared his vision of the market and technology opinions.

Steve Wozniak, Chief Scientist but also the famous industry icon
We realized that Primary Data is now in clear acceleration mode with several uses cases and deployments that illustrate the right direction taken by David Flynn and Lance Smith for a few quarters. The team saw adoption in M&E, Oil and Gas, service providers and EDA.

The company continues to develop and leverage its DataSphere MetaData Engine to address data management challenges with specific intelligent layer and analytics but in 2 words to optimize data placement with its value. We enter here in a new generation of ILM. Several new capabilities were added to the the DataSphere 2.0 preview we had the chance to see and among them:
  • Live data mobility without application interruption,
  • Enhanced data flow between on-prem and cloud environments,
  • Scalable parallel file access, key feature to boost access time for demanding applications,
  • Support of NFS v4.2 with delegations, compound operations and direct data access from clients,
  • Cloud aware integration,
  • Better Windows support with SMB, AD and ACL...
  • and Assimilation of NFS data in-line.
With NFS v4.2, the firm also announced that it represents today the biggest contributor since 2013, since the Tonian acquisition, ahead of Red Hat and Oracle.

Please check the presentation below, it gives you all details of the good session we had with top Primary data exec team. Superb again.


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