July 12, 2017

Avere addresses data divergence in the cloud

Avere Systems (www.averesys.com), leader in NAS acceleration and virtualization for on-premise and cloud environments, recently participated to the 23rd edition of The IT Press Tour. Ron Bianchini, CEO and founder, gave us an interesting update related to the data consistency model the company provides for cloud storage.

Ron Bianchini, CEO, explaining the hybrid cloud benchmark
Founded in 2008, Avere Systems has morphed from a network file virtualization aka NAS optimization for on-premises file storage to a full cloud file storage virtualization whatever data reside. The company promotes a hybrid data model where some data reside locally controlled by a physical FXT and others in the cloud but also a mix model where a virtual FXT runs directly at the cloud service providers sites with again data on-premise or in the cloud as well.

During the session, the company has insisted a lot on the CAP theorem, claiming to be the only one vendor of this caliber to deliver a full data consistency approach for data distributed in the cloud. It was pretty new as Avere never covered that aspect in the past and this behavior is inherent of cloud storage as a distributed architecture. Many object storage implementations behind cloud storage services are eventually consistent and just a few strictly consistent. But NAS users and file-based applications expect a strict consistency behavior with a NAS acceleration such Avere wherever data reside.

Avere continues to explore and maximize customers references in M&E - Pixar is a user of FXT connecting various NAS generation "behind" the accelerator such Qumulo or Isilon - Life Sciences and Finance to name a few.

With almost 10 years old, the company is still independent, remember the rapid acquisition of Spinnaker Networks by NetApp in 2003 just 4 years after its creation. What will be the future for Avere Systems, still one of the solution for NAS acceleration? What is the ambition of Ron Bianchini for the next few years?

The full presentation delivered during the IT Press Tour is available below, spend some time to read it, it contains very interesting information.


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