September 18, 2017

AeroFS now a Redbooth product

Air Computing Inc., producer of AeroFS (, merged recently with Redbooth. It was announced silently on companies’ blogs with the same post (12) and only Redbooth has published a PR about it. We usually collapse the name of AeroFS and Air Computing to retain only AeroFS, finally the only known and recognized brand.

The new name of the merged company is Redbooth and Yuri Sagalov, co-founder and CEO of AeroFS, is the new CEO of Redbooth, based in Palo Alto, California.

The global idea is pretty simple but ambitious: deliver a leading solution dedicated to Project and Task Management with File-based Collaboration. Surprisingly, AeroFS product is not listed, yet, on Redbooth web site, you still have to go to, strong name on the market. AeroFS is already under the Redbooth umbrella showing a new logo with the addition of “by Redbooth” below the classic AeroFS image.

Finally, for respective customers, it’s important to understand the future of product from each company:
  • AeroFS and Redbooth will continue to be supported, developed and maintained.
  • Amium will be shut down December 15th, 2017 and various functionalities will be merged and added to Redbooth.
Surprise or not AeroFS is the new victim of the pretty tough business climate for such storage approaches if product is limited to data storage and protection. In fact, it confirms the difficulty for such business to sustain a viable activity if there is no vertical or business integration; almost all “old” players (Kerstor, Ubistorage, Space Monkey, Symform, Transporter, Tudzu, Wuala) got acquired or ceased activity and only recent ones still exist. The only exception is Aetherstore. We’ll see if these new ones will finally reach same destiny in a few quarters, in this category we can list Blockade, Cloudplan, Ugloo, or Storj to name a few.

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