September 21, 2017

Atavium, new player in the data management

Atavium Inc. is a pretty recent company founded in 2016 and operating from Minneapolis, Minnesota. The firm was founded by a group of storage veterans with proven track record especially with famous stories and exits with NuSpeed, Isilon and Compellent respectively acquired by Cisco, EMC and Dell:
  • Ed Fiore, CEO, was VP of Storage at Dell and spent time at Compellent, Isilon and NuSpeed.
  • Mark Bakke, COO & VP Engineering, came from Dell, Cisco and NuSpeed.
  • Mike Klemm, CTO, was also at Dell and Compellent.
  • Marc Olin, Chief Architect, also at Dell and Compellent.
We found 12 employees on LinkedIn.

The company has raised last May 2017 $8.65 million Series A from Rally Ventures and Grotech Ventures with participation from Origin Ventures, Correlation Ventures, Brightstone Venture Capital and G-Bar Ventures.

The idea of the Atavium solution is to provide a platform to control the lifecycle of unstructured data with organization, classification, automation, management and storage functions wherever data reside, in the cloud or on-premise. The domain and web site exist but except a global idea and the team, nothing is really developed on the site.

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