September 29, 2017

New Flash offering from ProphetStor

ProphetStor Data Services (, an emerging player in Software-Defined Storage, just announced the StellarFlash Arrays product line composed of All-Flash (AFA) and Hybrid Flash arrays (HFA) running on commodity servers.

The company has embedded its unique intelligence based on machine learning to provide advanced predictive analytics to anticipate any failure, downtime or impact of performance.

Technically, the product supports VMware Storage Hardware such VAAI and offers a Cinder interface for OpenStack environments. Coupled with Federator, the flagship product of the company, StellarFlash also delivers
  • advanced caching powered by advanced data profiling,
  • capacity optimization with data reduction techniques such deduplication and compression,
  • high scalability with scale-up and/or scale-out mode,
  • data protection with snapshot, replication, encryption RAID of course and active-active controller,
  • and a rich GUI to manage and monitor the storage environment plus a RESTful API.
Having Federator and StellarFlash deployed together in the same environment provides a pretty unique approach, reducing cost while delivering advanced control and high performance.

With the recent acceleration of the deployment of the company in EMEA, the strategy is focused on finding new channels and oems.

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