May 22, 2018

ClearSky Data now exposes file access

ClearSky Data, promoter of cloud-based storage approach historically as a block access, just unveiled a file access mode to provide NAS behaviors.

The company is known for its exclusive cloud approach with its 3 levels model: an on-premises edge cache appliance, or an EC2 virtual appliance, coupled to a metro instance aka point-of-presence deployed in less than 120 miles from the data center and finally the cloud back-end for capacity and almost never touched data.

The new ClearSky NAS solution offers classic NAS protocols i.e NFS and SMB supporting Windows and Linux clients integrated with strong authentication services such Kerberos and Microsoft Active Directory, offering end-to-end encryption and thin-provisioning as well. It complements perfectly the block access they offer for quite some time offering a good mixed of flash performance, cloud elasticity, built-in backup and DR. Interesting.


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