May 4, 2018

Isilon available on Google Cloud Platform

It was one of the storage news of Dell Technologies World 2018 but almost hidden by the team with very low coverage on the press as well. We didn't get lots of details about that one but understood Google will offer a NAS service powered by Isilon technologies based on collocated Dell systems.

In others words, it won't be the software flavor IsilonSD to be deployed on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) but real physical systems. The service is named Isilon Cloud for GCP and will be GA very soon, now under a sort of controlled release or early access flavor. This dedicated file service infrastructure for each user, account or company will offer a sub-millisecond latency network connected to GCP clusters and will be fully supported and monitored by Dell.

On GCP, file services are represented: single node file server via the launcher, GlusterFS, Avere and more recently Elastifile also via the launcher.

The battle of enterprise file service in the cloud is on as this iteration follows a few other ones already engaged by the two others cloud giants, Microsoft with Azure and of course AWS.

For Microsoft, the company acquired early 2018 Avere Systems, one of the most advanced and powerful file storage service well known for its NAS quality. This completes what Azure announced during NetApp Insight in October with an Enterprise NFS service based on NetApp NFS stack. Microsoft offers also SMB with Azure File Services (AFS) essentially based on SMB. AFS is not the Windows SMB running on Azure nodes but a completely new SMB server implementation based on Azure Tables and Blobs as the backing store, Tables for metadata and Blobs for file data.

For AWS, the service is essentially covered by Elastic File System aka EFS and the bridge Storage Gateway with the on-premises instances which can exposes block and file protocols.

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