June 6, 2018

Qumulo accelerates with new VC round

Qumulo, leader in file storage, confirms its leadership with its oversubscribed D round of $93M for a total of $222M. Western Digital took part in this round, interesting. Illustrating this ambition, the company has recently recruited Peter Zaballos to support this new era of growth.

Obvious leader in M&E with 9 of the 10 Hollywood studios with a rapid and strong growth, Qumulo plans to expand in adjacent markets segments and we expect similar success in various hybrid file storage approaches. We also anticipate acceleration with HPE as the Palo Alto giant has nothing else in its portfolio for such use cases, WekaIO being positioning for more HPC like workloads, and Ibrix, PolyServe... and derivative solutions killed or forsaken.

I have written a few recent posts on Qumulo about CMO, replication, full flash mode (May 2018, Apr. 2018 1 & 2 and Jan. 2018) following our recent session during the December IT Press Tour.

Qumulo belongs to the 7 File Storage Disruptor companies, very hot on the market, that drive, lead and innovate in the the file storage space. Among the 7 represented by Avere, Elastifile, Quantum, Panasas, Rozo, WekaIO and of course Qumulo, the company is one of the most efficient having demonstrated a radical new design to satisfy new file storage needs for high demanding segments. Some other companies have tried, especially from the object storage space, but dramatically failed to deliver serious approaches, having even been uninstalled at some sites. Be serious pick native file storage solutions...


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