Jul 1, 2015

Delphix France is launched

Delphix (www.delphix.com), leader in data governance for structured data, just recruited its country manager for France. Jose Martins, now on board, demonstrated his sales leadership during his tenure at Ipanema, BMC with the acquisition of Blade Logic and IBM with Ascential Software. Delphix is now ready to take off rapidly in France with a strong sales DNA leader.

Jun 30, 2015

With WOS 360 v2, DDN maintains leadership

DDN Storage (www.ddn.com), the independent leader in storage for demanding environments, just announced WOS 360 in version 2. During the last IT Press Tour edition, the 15th last week, Alex Bouzari, CEO, and Molly Rector, CMO, spent some time to cover this key announcement for the company. Introduced early 2014, WOS 360 was a tentative to offer a pure software approach for the classic hardware-based object storage solution. WOS is very recognized by the market and fits perfectly in their product line, representing an active data tier for data preservation and remote/geo access. Last year, DDN introduced Global ObjectAssure (GOA), 2 new appliances dedicated to Archive and Performance needs and more recently the availability of a S3 gateway.
Now WOS 360 v2 is a key milestone with:
  • a Capacity appliance with 768TB in 4U thanks to 96x 8TB SMR HDD SATA, 2x 10Gb/s network ports and 8B objects per box,
  • a new OpenStack Swift API support available as gateway or embedded, supporting 5000 users and 5B objects per namespace,
  • a flexible deployment model with gateway for data access but also native implementation at the WOS node level,
  • a new overhead ratio for GOA supporting node, site and/or disks failures for a ratio of 1.5 coming from 1.88 in the previous release. 1.5 ratio is obtained with 2 layers of erasure coding with 5+1 coupled with 8+2. GOA also supports now up to 6 sites.
  • security with full SSL from client to storage node and between WOS nodes.
  • a drastic latency reduction for demanding application such video streaming.
  • an easy of deployment and maintenance to deploy the cluster in just a few minutes.
  • and finally some improvements in the integration between GRIDScaler and WOS.
With that release DDN demonstrates again its leadership in a very competitive market segment, we'll see how competition will react to WOS 360 v2.

Jun 24, 2015

New leader for DB archiving Gartner MQ

Delphix (www.delphix.com), leader in data governance, belongs now to the leader part of the Gartner Magic Quadrant about Structured Data Archiving and Application Retirement with Informatica, IBM, Solix and HP. It represents a huge progress and validation of all development made for several years now for Delphix. Congratulations to Delphix team, Jed's promise will be true soon: become the leader in Structured Data Goverance.
Informatica is still well positioned thanks to Applimation technology acquired in 2009, IBM with Princeton Softech in 2007 and HP with OuterBay acquisition as well in 2006 that kicked-off the wave. Same thing for Teradata that appeared here with RainStor solutions, acquisition made late 2014.
2015 is a key year for that segment and we'll anticipate a rapid move of Delphix to the top right. Except Solix, all 3 players have to deal with development inertia...

Jun 12, 2015

Exablox continues its market penetration

Exablox (www.exablox.com), leader in scalable storage for SMB/SME, made 2 recents key announcements. First, Exablox received an extra $7M from Toshiba America Electronic Components (TAEC) for the C round for a total of $45.5M. This round is perfect to continue market, geo and product development and expansion. Second, the company introduced a new appliance - 4312 - 10 times faster and twice the capacity of the first generation, the 3308. Even of the product has a mid-range positioning, Exablox provides entreprise grade features such as in-line deduplication, continuous snapshots or remote replication. The new system supports last HGST 8TB SAS and SATA drives for 96TB in a single appliance for a total of 700TB in a single filesystem. Deployment continues to be very simple with just 10 minutes to deploy a cluster. This new appliance starts at $11,995 and is available.

Jun 8, 2015

Cleversafe recruits a top gun in Germany

Cleversafe (www.cleversafe.com), the reference and pioneer in Object Storage, expands its european team with Karsten Tramborg. Previously at Scality and Bizanga, Karsten has a clear mission to grow the team and penetrate the market.

May 22, 2015

Delphix strengthens its offer with Axis acquisition

Delphix (www.delphix.com), leader in structured data governance, surprised the market with Axis Technology Software acquisition, a leader in Data Masking solutions. This new security capability brings to Delphix a pretty unique solution on the market with Data Archiving, Data Masking and Data Virtualization.

Apr 30, 2015

Confirmed, Infinidat raises $150M

Infinidat (www.infinidat.com), the new storage venture launched in 2011 by Moshe Yanai, announced a gigantic VC round with $150M. The valuation now touches $1.2B, the total of funding is $230M. At the same time, the company has stopped the NAS offering IZBox and starts an aggressive focus on the block storage array InfiniBox. 2015 will be interesting. We can expect an IPO end of 2016 or first-half of 2017.

Apr 29, 2015

Exablox supports NFS

Exablox (www.exablox.com), developer of OneBlox, the highly scalable NAS storage platform for SME, just announced the support of NFS. Aligned with what the team told us during the last IT Press Tour last december. The company who had a rapid growth in 2014 and in the IDC report, continues to penetrate the market at a high rate. Now the company has a few options: move up in the market by addressing large entreprises, continue development object API support from outside of the cluster and push oem sales. Keep follow Exablox in 2015 as some interesting news could be unveiled.

Apr 27, 2015

Yahoo chose Ceph for its Cloud Object Store

Yahoo (www.yahoo.com | NASD:YHOO), recently published a very interesting blog post on its Engr portal. No surprise, we learn that Yahoo object storage perimeter covers 250B objects for various content coming from emails, images, videos and blog posts. Yahoo is a strong believer in object storage having used it for several years with an appliance approach. But the company also realizes that a Software-Defined Storage model is the right one to support growth of data volume within the company and to support various applications workloads.
Yahoo insists on 3 dimensions when selecting SDS:
  • Cost trade-off,
  • Access Methods what Yahoo calls Interfaces and
  • Storage abstractions with Block, File or Objects.
Yahoo names its approach Cloud Object Storage or COS and started with Flikr with a multi-PB configuration. In 2015, COS support more than 100 PB for Flikr, Yahoo Mail and Tumblr. Wow impressive.

After a deep study between OpenStack Swift, Ceph and a few commercial solutions, Yahoo selected Ceph. The configuration chosen by Yahoo is a federation of Clusters, all Ceph based, that gives to Yahoo the level of flexibility needed by the company. In addition to that, they develop and embed into applications their on hashing algorithm to place data on the right cluster. Each Ceph Cluster is 3PB raw giving a simple and fast recovery and could be seen as the increment size within the supercluster. In addition, Yahoo prefers Erasure Coding in a 8+3 mode. In term fo storage media supported, Yahoo uses SSD, HDD and SMR.

Yahoo also contributes to the project and changes a few things to boost the response time and reduce latency. For instance, in S3, a bucket that stores object in Amazon terminology belongs to 1 node, Yahoo changes that and the bucket is now sharded across multiple node to increase parallelism. Next deployments will be around geo-replication for business continuity, small object configurations and lifecycle management. Very real use case for Ceph at a very large scale. Impressive.

Apr 24, 2015

Ericsson prepares something big

Ericsson (www.ericsson.com | NASD:ERIC), the telco and network equipment giant, have made some interesting recent moves and i am not sure everyone really connects the dots here. Here are a few public facts:

- Fabrix Systems was acquired in Sept. 2014 for less than 100M$ to participate to the Cloud Video transformation. Fabrix was niche vendor but highly recognized and respected in their domain for the excellent software stack they built especially for DVR service.

- Guardtime strategic partnership agreement announced in Sept. 2014 for Keyless Signature Infrastructure integration within Ericsson cloud offering.

- Cleversafe global partnership agreement announced March 2015 for the Ericsson Secure Cloud Storage.

- Announcement of HDS 8000 (Hyperscale Datacenter System).

But one element not mentioned here is the recruitment in March 2014 of a visionary and pioneer, Jason Hoffman, co-founder and CTO of Joyent, who injected the need new blood. This was a fundamental recruitment that fuels a new dimension within Ericsson. Ericsson started a journey to Cloud and it will be big, just read Ericsson's cloud page...