June 29, 2018

Datera, ready for a new era

Datera, one of the Software-Defined Storage (SDS) emerging leader, enters a new era. The IT Press Tour crew has the privilege to meet the exec team during a superb session a few days ago.

Founded in 2013 with a product launch in Q2 2016, the company has raised $40M in one round. Since last capital investment received in 2016, the company didn't raise any other round so we expect it will be the case soon to accelerate this new era illustrated by the arrival of Chris Cummings as CMO. The team is pretty impressive, all having strong track records in various companies.

The company is leading a wave of new players delivering the promise of SDS and for Datera the flavor is a block interface. By promise, I mean transforming a rack of servers into a gigantic pool of storage. In just words, Datera replaces big block arrays from legacy players by an innovative storage software platform very rich in term of Data Services dedicated to Tier 1 applications and data. A key differentiator is the programmable aspect of the platform aligned with the devops and applications requirements, it is facilitated by a serie of templates delivered with the product. Well known in the OpenStack environment, Datera extends now its market footprint and targets enterprise and service providers around containers and bare metal needs. The company has more than 50 installations.

Datera just introduced the 3.2 release with us with several key features illustrated by the following slide. Object storage flavor is provided by Minio, one of the fastest growing and best object storage platform on the market, so an obvious choice. The other advantage is the performance delivered by the platform: 200K IOPS at 200ms latency per node and the Datera engine has proven its linearity so pretty easy to predict the configuration based on IOPS and latency needs. 6PB is the new capacity with high capacity nodes of 96TB, remember with speak here about primary storage.

The product supports active-active geo/stretched clusters based on data replication, erasure coding will arrive in the future. The team also confirmed that NFS will arrive in the fall to finally deliver a unified multi-protocol SDS solution, pretty unique on the market. The product is sold with a annual subscription based on capacity.

In term of business, Datera is really hardware agnostic and we understood that some partners agreement should be announced pretty soon, probably second half of they year and potentially aligned with VMworld end of august. So far, Cisco, Dell and HPE are 3 brands well pushed by Datera.

Packet, one customer invited at the session, confirmed the deployment of Datera on his 18 data centers aligned with 18 clusters with 1PB of storage.

Datera confirms that Data Services are fundamental. Storage platform with lack of such data services will have serious trouble in the future and I even predict they will disappear soon as value is very limited. I remember having pushing and promoting such developments but it was pretty difficult with people who didn't understand market trends and customers' needs.

June 28, 2018

Western Digital multiplies announcements

Western Digital, the American storage giant, has made a series a product announcement during The IT Press Tour for its data center activity. The company unveiled essentially 3 products to support its data center strategy around big and Fast Data: an extension of the IntelliFlash N-Series member of its system line for primary and secondary usage, a new OS release for its ActiveScale object storage solution, a typical secondary storage product, and a new hybrid storage server named Ultrastar Serv60+8 that belongs to its platform line. The first two announcements show a development effort from WDC on its 2 acquisition, ActiveScale from Amplidata acquired in 2015 and Tegile swallowed more recently in September 2017.

Phil Bullinger, SVP and GM, Data Center Systems, Platforms and Systems, at Western Digital, covered these products. First for ActiveScale, the product receives the 5.3 operating system release offering a Unified Data Access, a replication feature able to copy an on-prem instance to AWS at the bucket level, the support of Docker, like many other players, and the 12TB FIPS HDD support. ActiveScale offers also now a better storage density with 20% gain. The company continues to market 19 nines which is like a dream. On that object storage part, nothing new in fact as several other object storage vendors already offered object and file access to the same content. I have introduced that to the market in 2013. The CIO of WDC was invited to illustrate all his department usages and we noticed that they coupled ActiveScale with Komprise.

For the IntelliFlash N-Series, the business unit leader introduced 2 new models N5240/N5280 and N5840/N5880 with new capacity, a flexible data reduction method, a non-disruptive volume copy and non-disruptive data migration and finally a fast file copies mechanism. Globally these new systems representing the unified block + file storage solutions from WDC offer 1.5 to 2.5 performance improvement.

Last and interesting launch was the Ultrastar Serv60+8, a hybrid 4U server with 60 HDD, SSD or Hybrid drives associated with 8 SAS, SATA or NVMe SSD drives. This platform receives 2 Xeon processors and promotes ArticFlow and IsoVibe, 2 innovations, the first dedicated to the cooling of the platform, and the second relate to the vibration isolation.

These new products iterations represent a strategic direction for WDC that clearly desire to install and penetrate seriously the data center business. We'll see how the market especially partners I mean customers and other vendors will react and adopt these as the product line is very consistent illustrating very interesting directions.

June 27, 2018

Datera recruits its CMO

Datera, a leading Software-Defined Storage (SDS) player, just announced that Chris Cummings joined the company as its CMO. He spent some time at Cleversafe and NetApp Having met the company a few minutes ago during The IT Press Tour, we learned a lot of things from a brilliant team and a very promising product.

June 26, 2018

June 11, 2018

New CEO for Datrium

Datrium, leader in tier1 hyperconverged infrastructure, announced the appointment of Tim Page as CEO, indicating that the company enters in a new era following DVX 4.0 unveiled last april. Page come from Sprinklr and VCE where he was COO.

Brian Biles, founder and former CEO, becomes Chief Product Officer. We'll meet Datrium in 2 weeks now with the IT Press Tour team, we'll learn more about company's and technologies' directions.

June 6, 2018

Qumulo accelerates with new VC round

Qumulo, leader in file storage, confirms its leadership with its oversubscribed D round of $93M for a total of $222M. Western Digital took part in this round, interesting. Illustrating this ambition, the company has recently recruited Peter Zaballos to support this new era of growth.

Obvious leader in M&E with 9 of the 10 Hollywood studios with a rapid and strong growth, Qumulo plans to expand in adjacent markets segments and we expect similar success in various hybrid file storage approaches. We also anticipate acceleration with HPE as the Palo Alto giant has nothing else in its portfolio for such use cases, WekaIO being positioning for more HPC like workloads, and Ibrix, PolyServe... and derivative solutions killed or forsaken.

I have written a few recent posts on Qumulo about CMO, replication, full flash mode (May 2018, Apr. 2018 1 & 2 and Jan. 2018) following our recent session during the December IT Press Tour.

Qumulo belongs to the 7 File Storage Disruptor companies, very hot on the market, that drive, lead and innovate in the the file storage space. Among the 7 represented by Avere, Elastifile, Quantum, Panasas, Rozo, WekaIO and of course Qumulo, the company is one of the most efficient having demonstrated a radical new design to satisfy new file storage needs for high demanding segments. Some other companies have tried, especially from the object storage space, but dramatically failed to deliver serious approaches, having even been uninstalled at some sites. Be serious pick native file storage solutions...


June 4, 2018

New CEO for Waterline Data

Waterline Data, emerging leader in data discovery, governance and cataloging, met 2 times with The IT Press Tour, just announced the arrival of its new CEO Kailash Ambwani. He came from Actiance who finally got sold to Smarsh. Kailash will replace the founder and former CEO Alex Gorelik who becomes CTO of the entity. We anticipate clear new steps for the company going forward.

June 1, 2018

The IT Press Tour will rock again for the 27th edition

The IT Press Tour, the leading IT event for IT press, today announced participating companies for the 27th edition organized end of June in California.

Some companies come back and some others join us for the first time for a total of 12 companies around IT Infrastructure:
  • Axway, leader in data integration,
  • Datera, key actor in cloud-like storage for on-premises deployment,
  • Datrium, forerunner in data virtualization,
  • HYCU, formerly Comtrade, strong innovator in data management,
  • Komprise, top player in data tiering ad migration,
  • LucidLink, promoter of an innovative cloud file system,
  • Portworx, pioneer in persistent data container,
  • Quantum, reference in secondary data storage,
  • Snowflake, fast growing big data actor,
  • StorONE, disruptor in software-defined storage,
  • Western Digital, famous top vendor in the data storage industry,
  • and Yellowbrick Data, an emerging big data player.
The program is dense and we expect great news and sessions. I invite you to follow us with @ITPressTour, #ITPT, various publications and reporters Twitter handles.


May 31, 2018

Two new VPs for Igneous

Igneous Systems, a fast growing object storage vendor for secondary storage, continues to hire to strengthen his management team and globally the company. Steve Pao who joined the company as CMO for the launch will return as advisor and be replaced by Allison Armstrong as VP Marketing and Anna Mowry joins as well as VP Finance and Operations. This effort arrives just a few months after the Series B round who has bring to Igneous $15 more millions. It means a new era for Igneous, perfect to meet them again in December IT Press Tour.

May 25, 2018