July 16, 2015

Outpace.IO to bring second life for AoE

outpace.IO (www.outpace.io) just emerged from stealth mode to promote Ethernet Storage based on ATA over Ethernet aka AoE. For sure everyone remember Coraid, the pioneer in that space, with a technology invented by Brantley Coile and for the french side, Alyseo the french early adopter and distributor of their solutions. Alyseo was and is still a real believer in AoE. Brantley Coile also restarted some activities around AoE and you can visit his web site - EtherDrive.com - about it and read my post last may. Yacine Kheddache and his long time colleagues are still strong believer in AoE and how the technology can solve several IT challenges. This is one of the reason, outpace.IO was launched to restart a new AoE wave.
In fact, Coraid had a very hot period, super fast growth and real customer base - around 1700 customers - really satisfied by the offering. This was under the leadership of Kevin Brown who transformed the company as a strong alternative storage player. But things have changed, investors made some management changes and the wall was hit rapidly unable to deliver the new vision to finally close doors early 2015.
Outpace.IO, launched by former Alyseo people and a few others key people strong in AoE space, is now on a mission to promote actively AoE with 3 products:
  • A series correspond to a classic Ethernet Disk Array exposed with an AoE connection available for Linux environment (Coraid AoE was based on Plan 9),
  • F series as a FPGA based implementation to reduce footprint and boost performance, perfect for vertical industry and
  • Z series an OpenZFS file storage solution built on Ethernet Disk Array.
Outpace.IO pushes actively a whole storage architecture based on AoE for block and file as shown in the image below. There is a good opportunity to catch many of the past customers of Coraid, develop new use cases and extend the standard. At the same time, the company promoted OpenAoE as the core group to validate specification and standard direction. Good luck guys.


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