October 23, 2015

Encryption is hot

No big news, Security is hot and with everyone and everything connected, this is an obvious comment, no surprise. Security has multiple faces and the one currently under high press coverage is encryption, how can you guarantee that data is protected against access, decoding... 2 acquisitions are interested today: Porticor acquired by Intuit in February 2015 and Vormetric by Thales announced a few days ago.
Porticor (www.porticor.com), founded in 2010, is an innovator in encryption and key management. The product works for private or public clouds. The beauty of Porticor is the system works with a key split in two. Each object is encrypted with this key. The first part named master piece is common to all objects, only known by the application and unknown for Porticor. The second part is different for each object and Porticor keeps it in their Key Management Service. When the master key is in the cloud, it is homomorphically encrypted so it prevents any hacking and theft.

Vormetric (www.vormetric.com), founded in 2001, is intent to be acquired by Thales for $400M. What a deal, congratulations to Alan Kessler and his team. Vormetric has a very comprehensive product line and unlike Porticor, they exist for longer time. Vormetric delivers a Data Security Platform with many product that can be used individually. Among these various solutions, let me mention file-level encryption, application-layer encryption, tokenization, cloud encryption gateway and key management of course.


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