October 26, 2015

Basho with a new iteration for IoT

Basho Technologies (www.basho.com), leader in NoSQL distributed DB, announced recently the lunch of Riak TS, a new flavor of their Riak DB but this time tailored to Time Series and high ingestion rate capabilities from all massive data sources perfectly aligned with Internet of Things. The idea here is to support and be able to sustain high level of read and write operations for such use cases especially when you deal with huge number of sensors. Coming from all the experience, expertise and "savoir faire" built in Riak and especially Riak KV, Riak TS can offer read and write capabilities at the same time with predictable performance, support online addition of node within the cluster without any need of data sharding, offer SQL-like query mode, lots of APIs and client librairies and can be integrated with Apache Spark.
Now with this announcement, Basho has a prefect full answer to most of the use cases in the new economy associated to Big Data, Cloud, IoT and massive scale: Riak KV, the famous Key/Value DB, CS, the Cloud Storage flavor and TS for the IoT new challenge. Super idea.

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