March 10, 2016

StorPool signed with CloudSigma

StorPool (, a leader in SDS block storage, continues its market penetration with a pretty unique approach. As mentioned in several past blogposts 2 years ago such January 2014 or July 2014, StorPool delivers a pure storage software running on x86 commodity servers fully in shared-nothing and scale-out mode. Competitors are EMC/ScaleIO, Maxta, VMware vSAN and other things like past Lefthand Networks. StorPool just announced a pretty significant deployment at CloudSigma, a pretty famous leading IaaS cloud provider. CloudSigma immediately understood the value with the replacement of 3 storage solutions they: one they built running ZFS, one AFA product and a third scale-out commercial one. StorPool allows precise tailored deployments for various customers and contribute to improve the margin by 15% while boosting significantly the performance at the same time. CloudSigma deployed StorPool in 6 locations on 3 continents and will be added as well on new sites. More than 50 servers were deployed globally to serve hundreds of KVM hypervisors for a total capacity around 1PB. The network is based on a redundant 10Gbps. In Zurich, the largest site, StorPool is configured in a semi-converged way with all-SSD nodes and separate storage with HDDs.


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