October 26, 2016

NEC unveils a NAS Gateway

NEC (www.nec.com | TYO:6701), one of the largest IT vendors on the planet existing for more than a century, recently announced a new storage product able to extend the SAN portfolio. The product named the M Series NAS Gateway™ is the perfect companion of the M Series block array to deliver a Unified approach or just the file access mode.
Also, this solution is different from the NV5xxx/NV7xxx product line sold only in Japan. The NAS Gateway is offered in 2 clustered models:
  • Nh4b to support up to 4800 CIFS clients,
  • Nh8b up to 9600 CIFS clients.
What about NFS ? There is nothing about it. As NEC primary block storage continues its market penetration, having a file access extension represents a natural fit and should receive an interesting adoption as many NEC users ask for this new offering. Next will be to offer a native NAS file storage...

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