October 24, 2016

New entities for famous people

Just wish to share with you 3 new stories:
  • Applatix (www.applatix.com), launched by Pratik Wadher, Ed Lee and Saradhi Sreegiriraju, coming from Tintri. The company is playing the the DevOps space.
  • Nubeva (www.nubeva.com), led by Randy Chou, former Founder and CEO of Panzura, the famous leader in Cloud storage gateways. Nubeva play sin in cloud-based security. He starts the company with Greig Bannister, a former Aruba Networks colleague.
  • Agylstor (www.agylstor.com) created by Frederic Roy Carlson with Janae Lee as Founder and CMO.

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