January 6, 2015

F5 Networks owns CloudWeaver

CloudWeaver (www.cloudweaver.com), formerly Lyatiss, belongs now to F5 Networks (www.f5.com | NASD:FFIV) as the web server and domain name point to the F5.com. First, I would like to congratulate Pascale Vicat-Blanc for this exit that will perpetuate the core technology developed for a few years by a strong developer team. Second, just to refresh people's mind here, Lyatiss, as a software company, developed an Application Defined Networking (ADN) solution that offers smart and deep networking analytics for cloud infrastructure. The product can be seen as an orchestration layer that coordinate networking services and other cloud infrastructure components. The product is pretty unique on the market and will give F5 a real key differentiator in the required elastic networking analytics services. Good catch for F5.

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