May 3, 2016

SwiftStack 4.0, interesting release

SwiftStack (, clearly the leader in OpenStack Swift practice, just announced the version 4.0 of their distribution. Among the list of features, we see the following ones:
  • An integrated Load Balancing capability, the argument used is base don the cost of external LB. We can understand that but many companies already have them deployed so there is no additional cost. The argument works only for people who don't have yet any LB.
  • MetaData search, hum, it reminds me what DDN has introduced with WOS 3.0 in September 2013. The difference here is the connection with ElasticSearch which is a good point.
  • Support of IPv6,
  • SwiftStack Drive as an optional desktop client. Wow what a mistake, I hope and imagine it took many long internal discussions to justify this approach trying to sell an end-to-end solution. And guess what, the partners who offer this kind of tool has now a competitive offering from the back-end vendor itself. It reminds me something... It let you imagine what are their reaction. No problem, we all learn from mistakes so to make progress you have to do some...
So what are the new things, does it deserve a major 4.0 release ? Wow sorry it was OpenStack Summit and some players has to introduce some new things even little ones...

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