June 30, 2016

Hedvig, towards an universal object storage

Hedvig (www.hedviginc.com), a clear leader in objet storage software, was one of the confirmation of the last edition of The IT Press Tour a few days ago. For the second visit at Hedvig, we have met the company a year ago, we've got a good refresh of this recent strong and established IT trend towards enterprise storage operating on commodity servers powered by an intelligent storage software.

With several players in that domain, it's interesting to realize that Hedvig has some key differentiators. Among them, the product:
  • works not only on x86 but also on ARM processors,
  • supports hypervisor, container or OS so not only bare metal,
  • provides an advanced unified access methods with file, block and object interfaces,
  • delivers data services such deduplication, compression, tiering, caching and snap/clones
  • and can be deployed in 2 flavors: Hyperscale or Hyperconverged.
Hedvig implements a symmetric model with the Hedvig Storage Service represented by the servers farm to store data chunks, the Hedvig Storage Proxy for data access and client-side caching for block and file access and finally the Hedvig REST APIs for object access, such a compatible Amazon S3 or OpenStack Swift, to be integrated into the consumer application layer. Hedvig key difference resides also on the virtual disk presented to the application tier which is a reverse model.
The company continues its market momentum with strong partners development program, named CloudScale, promoted in US and EMEA. As of today, CloudScale has 50 partners supporting rapid growth. Hedvig promotes as well a flexible go to market model: pure software layer, hardware with software bundles and finally dedicated appliance. Thanks to a strong and comprehensive reference architecture, the company is focusing on new and demanding workloads. With that, Hedvig also accelerates on container support with Docker, ContainerX and ClusterHQ.

Globally, during last year, Hedvig has made great progress and continues to penetrate market with a real universal storage solution able to support many various application storage workloads. We have met a great team, thank you for this very good interesting session. We hope to meet Hedvig next year.


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