September 28, 2016

iguazio unveils its Enterprise Data Cloud platform

Iguazio (, innovator in Big Data computing platform, capitalizes on the Strata+Hadoop World conference held in New-York this week to unveil the product and officially moves out of stealth. If you remember I wrote about iguazio in June following the opportunity I had to meet two of the co-founders Asaf Somekh and Yaron Haviv.
Collecting, storing and analyzing data is a tough challenge for enterprises. Even if they're convinced by the value of such approaches, building data computing infrastructure is a real mission generating cost, complexity and frustration. Again Hadoop and all related very powerful pieces of intelligence such Spark, HDFS, NoSQL DBs... are tough and complex to master and integrate with doubt on the generated value. Entreprises need some new methods to reach new SLAs, simple to deploy with a validated integration and flexible to maintain and update. Iguazio's mission is to address this with the Enterprise Data Cloud (EDC) platform shaking the industry with a radical new approach with hyper integrated data services and able to deliver 100x performance at 10x lower cost. It runs as-a-service deployed on-premise or on hybrid cloud configurations with new capabilities for storing and analyzing data. The product will be GA in Q2 2017 but early deployments exist at financial services, IoT applications and CSPs.

EDC has also demonstrated strong results during benchmarks and with 4 appliances, the platform is able to deliver 10M transactions per second and 50GB per second with 100 microsecond application latencies. With this configuration, users can store and manipulate 10PB of data in a single rack at $0.03 per GB per month. Look at the configuration below, this is extreme performance and reliability at all stages.

This is one of the most advanced Data Storage and Compute platform today, iguazio deserves a deep analysis and a real test. Try it you will adopt it. It will sustain entreprises data growth and demanding compute requirements. The team sets a new standard, competition must react now but believe me it won't be easy. In the meantime, let me mention again the next edition of The IT Press Tour in Israel in November as we'll visit iguazio HQ. So we'll cover in more details the Enterprise Data Cloud platform...


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