November 23, 2016

NooBaa promoted and supported by Microsoft

NooBaa Storage (, introduced a few months ago, was also an interesting visit for the IT Press Tour team. NooBaa just announced a partnership with Microsoft that is illustrated by the support of Microsoft Azure Blob Storage as a back-end, the presence of the solution on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and finally the participation into the Microsoft Accelerator program.

This is a key step for NooBaa for its very successful cloud storage platform and the unique capability on the market to offer the Amazon S3 API on top of Microsoft Azure cloud storage. In addition to the NooBaa Community Edition, the company has released a NooBaa Azure Marketplace Edition available for free and able to automatically integrates with Azure.
The Microsoft Accelerator program participation will boost NooBaa market penetration with the access to Microsoft customers and also to a variety of resources such funds, mentors, facilities and working space. This is a huge milestone for NooBaa that anticipates a superb 2017.

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