January 11, 2017

New round for the New Panzura

Panzura (www.panzura.com), leader in the cloud storage gateway market segment, just announced a new VC round of $32M for a total of $90M almost 3 years after the last capital injection. With a new management in place led by Patrick Harr for a few months now, the company is now ready to accelerate the development of new products, Panzura introduced recently an archive gateway named Freedom, and is also ready for new generation of gateway to tackle on-prem storage.
2016 was a great year for Panzura that illustrates the cloud adoption globally: 100 new enterprise customers and alliance with AWS, Google, IBM and Azure, the top 4 cloud providers that should represent the vast majority of the market. Panzura also added 26PB supported by Quicksilver cloud controllers, soon Freedom and next generation of gateways later this year. Companies have started to migrate to the cloud and move bigger volume of data with still the need to maintain great performance and protection. Panzura is well positioned to grow fast this year and maintain its leadership in that segment.

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