May 24, 2017

Plexistor just acquired by NetApp

NetApp ( | NASD:NTAP), one of the top leader in storage for a few decades, just acquired Plexistor.
Plexistor is based in Sunnyvale but has R&D in Israel. The company is specialized in Software-Defined Memory architecture aka SDM. Interesting move and I understand why Sharin Azulai, CEO, and Amit Golander, CTO, didn't reply recently about their potential participation to the IT Press Tour. But as you can see on the tour web site, we'll have a fantastic session with NetApp and this topic will be covered for sure. Great move, it will help the giant to solidify its NVMe strategy. A second acquisition was announced with Immersive Partner Solutions, based in Littleton, Colorado, who works on converged infrastructure validation. Clearly with these 2 acquisitions, NetApp gives a sign to the industry about server-based storage and HCI.

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