February 1, 2018

Nyriad for a new data protection

Nyriad plays with its name, coming from Myriad and Raid, this is what we suppose.

GPU-based products are hot, we have met several databases vendors leveraging such processors like BlazingDB, BlazeGraph, SQream Technologies, Kinetica or MapD Technologies and now it's about storage product.

The company targets big data and high performance computing. It has its roots with the Square Kilometre Array project in New Zealand having delivered 160TB/s processing 50PB/day. It works well with parallel file storage approach such Lustre.

Partners are Nvidia, SuperMicro, Microsemi, Tyan, HPC Systems, KingSpec, Revera, Datacom, WDC and Netlist and the company is actively looking for oems.

The company develops NSULATE, a GPU-accelerated block device. This storage product is a DAS with hundreds of devices. It's compatible with Linux file systems and with ZFS + NSULATE with SHA-256 delivers 2-4x faster performance than ZFS for Lustre. We don't have a lot of details on the solution and we expect to get more info soon.

The philosophy resides in the replacement of the RAID controller by a general purpose GPU board. We notice a divergence of information between the site and the paper doc as the site mentions up to 128 parities and the paper doc up to 255, meaning that potentially volume and disk could be big and obtain lots of flexibility. Hum... In fact this is far more than we need if we compare with traditional data protection mechanisms.

The GPU on the node could be used also for compute in addition to storage functions delivering a new compute + storage convergence example.

NCRYPT is the companion of NSULATE and offers GPU-accelerated cryptographic algorithms. It includes a real-time blockchain APIs that provides encryption, hashing and cryptographic signature generation.

It deserves a deep look for sure as it will bring something new to the table against the Mojette Transform from Rozo Systems, MemoScale or the Intel ISA-L functions.


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