April 17, 2018

Qumulo plans for replication

Qumulo, leader in file storage category, had a great presence in NAB with a reasonable booth. As a clear dominant player in the media and entertainment, we spent a few minutes with their team to speak about a few planned enhancements.

We learned two great informations from them:
  • Qumulo File Fabric aka QF2 is already available for AWS and the company will announce in the next few months a second platform support, it should be Azure or GCP but GCP is stronger in the M&E segment.
  • As mentioned in a recent post, the current replication mode is Asynchronous Automatic Continuous One-Way Replication. Distributed model like 1 - N is available but N -1 consolidation not yet and cascading topology could be deployed. A second iteration will introduce bi-directional mode on same directories normally in 2018 and the phase 3 will unveil single namespace and tiering across clusters around mid-2019.

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