July 13, 2018

Snowflake now on Azure

Snowflake Computing, the leader in cloud datawarehouse, just announced the availability of its solution on Azure in fact in the East-US-2 region, other regions will be incrementally available in the coming months.

Competition seems to react to Snowflake with several interesting approaches: Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, Actian Vector following Paraccel acquisition in 2013, HPE Vertica (HP acquired Vertica in 2011), Teradata of course with Aster Data Systems acquisition in 2011, IBM with Netezza based product (IBM acquired Netezza in 2010) or Microsoft Azure SQL Datawarehouse following DATAallegro acquisition in 2008 to name a few. But where are vendors such Hortonworks or Cloudera?

Already covered by an deep article following the IT Press Tour in June, Snowflake continues to expand its cloud platform coverage, this time on Microsoft cloud platform, Bob Muglia past company, as the IT community has expected such extension for quite some time.

This move confirms the growing role of Azure and the massive presence of data in the cloud, illustrating if needed that data need to be processed where they reside especially when the volume is huge.

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